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About The Platform

The Platform is a weekly variety show about stories. All kinds of people sharing all kinds of stories from all parts of the world. People, Places, Stories, Faces.

I’ve always loved stories and grew up hooked on shows like Parkinson, Oprah, Larry King and Charlie Rose. Those shows took the time to really get to know someone.

With the right platform anything’s possible, so it’s super fun putting the show together each week with the goal of finding and sharing inspirational stories. The same goes with artists too. Finding talent and giving them the chance to not only play but share their story beforehand. Sometimes it’s new talent, and other times it’s names from the past that we all know and love. Everyone’s got a story to tell.

Warwick and I have been mates since the 90’s. Lots of fun adventures and laughs over the years and we’ve always wanted to make a show together. We almost had “Warwick’s World” up and firing a few years back on Nine. A pretty funny story actually.

So here we are. The Platform.

The show is put together each week by a group of super keen young people. Many volunteers who’d like to earn a shot working professionally in the business. It’s made in the right spirit. We have fun each week and we’re all in it together. Thank you for watching and supporting the dream.