Feature Interviews

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Baywatch Actress Traci Bingham:
So cool having former Baywatch babe Traci Bingham on the show..... With Pamela Anderson on her way out here for the Ultra Tune Ads it's great timing..... Traci is hilarious.... Some classic TV moments and fun to share her stories.... Things get a little bit flirty too haha... I'm sure you'll get a laugh.
Magician/Stuntman Matt Stirling:
Very cool to have one of the worlds best Stuntmen on the show this season..... Matt Stirling exploded onto TV screens in the UK by blowing the judges away on Britain's Got Talent.... He's such an interesting guy especially when you throw being a Hypnotist, Magician and Actor into the mix. Lots of cool stories and footage and awesome to share his story.
Dancer Gabriella Tooma:
Wow.... Such an inspiring young lady going hard at chasing down her dreams.... Originally from the Gold Coast she's danced and performed her way to New York City.... Dedicated and committed to excellence.... Super inspiring to share her story on the show
Rugby/Boxing star Anthony Mundine:
Very cool to have Anthony Mundine on the show..... He's got a big fight coming up on the Gold Coast against local legend John Wayne Parr.... Two incredible stories that'll meet in the ring with it all on the line... Choc's story is just amazing... We talk about his legendary Father Tony... We look back on his footy days and big fight with Danny Green and talk about life outside the ring.
Muay Thai Legend John Wayne Parr:
Very cool to have Muay Thai legend John Wayne Parr on the show... What he's achieved in the sport.... And the journey he took to get there is just plain awesome. He's about to cap it off with a huge home town fight with Anthony Mundine... A fitting way to almost wrap up a legendary career.
Actress Lin Shaye:
So cool having actress Lin Shaye on the show.... She's been in a bunch of awesome films like "Something About Mary", "King Pin" and "Insidious" and is about to star in the new Showtime series "Penny Dreadful"... She's an incredible talent and super nice Lady as you'll see
Film maker Quincy Rose:
Super fun to have film maker Quincy Rose on the show... He's an incredible talent very much in the mould of his God Father Woody Allen... He grew up in LA... Went to school with Angelina Jolie and he's got some fun stories about his times in and around show business
The UFC's Bruce Buffer:
So cool to have Bruce Buffer on the show.... His story is just amazing both in and out of the Octagon.... He's about as focussed as it gets and this is why he's having global success with the UFC.. His advice for anyone out there with a dream is all time epic... Hope you enjoy.
Trans Miss Universe Jazell Barbie Royal:
Awesome to have Jazell on the show this season.... Such a unique story and the first African American to win the prestigious Miss International Queen Title.... Great story and great talent.
Batman Producer Michael Uslan:
If you ever want to be inspired to chase your dreams.... Then this is the EP for you.... MIchael Uslan... The man behind Batman and the decade long journey in getting it to the big screen.... It's an epic story and hope you enjoy.
Liverpool Legend David Fairclough:
As a Liverpool fan it's so cool to have David Fairclough on the show.... He's lived a fairytale really... A local boy growing up just down the road from one of the most iconic football grounds in the world... As a child he'd go along and cheer them on... As a man he was out there playing... It's an epic story... He also scored some of the most memorable goals in the history of the club... Great fun to have a chat about his journey and hope you enjoy.
Writer/Producer Adam Zwar:
Awesome to have Adam Zwar on the show this season.... He's a machine when it comes to creating and selling epic shows. Wilfred... Squinters... The Lowdown... Mr Black. He's also acted in everything from Blue Heelers... Underbelly and Neighbours... If you've ever wanted to make a TV series or want tips from one of the best... Then this is a must watch Ep.... Sorry about the dogs going off haha
Director Alex Proyas:
So cool to have Film maker Alex Proyas on the show this season.... A true original with films like "The Crow" and "I Robot"... He also Directed videos for INXS, Crowded House and Sting... Great fun to film a chat and hope you enjoy some of his stories and knowledge.
Sex Doll Creator Matt McMullen:
Would you have sex with a robot?... If you could design it to look like your ideal partner or fantasy? What if it could talk, listen and get to know you? Matt McMullen creates the most incredible robots/dolls and it was awesome to have him on the show this season.
Actress Vanessa Angel:
Very cool to have actress Vanessa Angel on the show this season.... She's lived an incredible journey so far... Magazine covergirl... Films like Spies Like Us and King Pin.. TV shows like Baywatch.. Melrose Place and Weird Science... She's glamorous and funny and super nice too... Hope you enjoy the interview :)
Writer/Director Phil Avalon:
Imagine giving Mel Gibson the chance to act in his first film... Then casting John Jarratt and Steve Bisley in the same project.... 3 Aussie legends. Phil Avalon did this.... He also made a bunch of other cool films and it's great to share his stories and advice on The Platform this seaon.
Producing Legend Hal McElroy:
If you've ever wanted to work in film or TV then this Ep of the show is for you.... Imagine being able sit down for a chat with the best TV Producer in Australia and pick his brain.... Blue Heelers... Water Rats... Sea Patrol.... Huge shows... Hal McElroy.... Legend... Awesome to have Hal on the show this season... His knowledge and stories are priceless... Hope you enjoy :) ps: Big thanks to his lovely wife Di McElroy.... And I really should shave before doing interviews haha
Hip Hop Artist N'fa Jones:
Very cool to have N'fa Jones on the show..... A pioneer of Hip Hop and Rap in Australia and such a talented guy... And ladies... He could be the next James Bond haha... Fun to jump on Skype and hear his story mixed in with some classic tracks.
Writer/Director Alex Lykos:
Very cool to have Alex on the show this season.... Milly the Japanese Spitz gets in on the action too haha.... Alex has just released his film "Me and My Left Brain" and it was cool to find out a bit about his story.
Muay Thai World Champ Nathan Corbett:
Nathan "Carnage" Corbett was one of the most dominating fighters in the world.... Fans always knew what they were in for... Complete carnage and a KO... Outside the ring he's a deep thinker and if anything super mellow.... He's living in LA now working with top UFC fighters and commentating on US TV... Great fun to share his story on The Platform :)
Aussie Legend Craig Johnston:
If you ever google things like "Inspiration" or "Chasing dreams" or "How to feel worthy".... If you ever want to be truly inspired then you'll love this special episode of the show... It's a mini doco on Aussie legend Craig Johnston.... Nearly losing a leg to Soccer superstar... Creator of TV shows... Rap Hits and the worlds most popular football boot.... All the while being told "No".... But never giving up.. Legend.. I'm sure you'll enjoy his story... Lessons for life.
Nightlife King Mark Baker:
Awesome to feature Mark Baker on the show this season.... He's got some epic stories like running away as kid to join the circus.... Becoming a skate champion and traveling the world... Running the hottest clubs in New York... It's been an incredible ride and we Skype him in from Bali to share some laughs.
Bass Phenom Jake Gerba:
Very cool to feature Jake on the show.... So random in how it came about.... Scrolling down the Instagram wall and seeing his amazing videos... He's an incredible talent and it was super cool to put a story to the videos.
Greek Entreprenuer Paul Evmorfidis:
So cool to feature Paul this season..... What a super random adventure calling him on Skype and ending up on the roof of his new hotel.... He's an incredible character... A people's person in every way and it was great to have a chat about his story.
Classical Guitarist Thu Le:
Super random interview with Vietnamese musician and Classical guitar star Thu Le..... A random clip on Instagram then a Skype chat to find out about her story.... An incredible talent and super nice lady... Great fun to feature her on the show this season.
Musician Alexander Leon:
Very cool to feature musician Alexander Leon on the show.... He's dealing with MS (Multiple Sclerosis) and after a tough few years he's back releasing music... It's inspiring seeing someone creating and sharing art despite the situation.... We take a lot of things for granted and I'm sure you'll enjoy this interview.
News Anchor Sharon Tay:
Great fun to feature news anchor Sharon Tay this season.... Super talented and super nice... Imagine reading the nightly news in a city like Los Angeles.... Crazy haha.
Surf Legend Andy Mac:
If you've spent any time on the Gold Coast over the past 30 or so years you would have probably heard a "Beach and Surf report with Andy Mac".... He's an icon of the GC and it's great to learn a bit about his story and the history of the Coast... Especially the surfing scene... Hope you enjoy the chat.
Singer Jaron Natoli:
Jaron's an incredible talent and completely unique... He's definitely going to do big things in the music biz.... Great to feature him on the show.
Kevin "Deep" Gordon:
Very cool to feature Kevin Gordon this season.... Epic story... A former Titan's superstar and soon to be music star.... His videos are hilarious and the songs are super catchy... The fact he makes everything himself is basically genius... I'm sure you'll love this Ep of the show... Deep Gordon about to go global :)
Comedy/Music star Jeff Hilliard:
Great to feature Jeff Hilliard this season..... I met him a few years back in LA and when I checked out his videos online.... With titles like "Pussy Pounder" and "The Cock That Heals" I was cracking up.... Super random rock/comedy tracks.... "The Good Life" is a must see :)
Model/Rapper Parnia Porsche:
Great fun to feature Parnia this season... Magazine covergirl and Ultra Tune TV star.... Her music career is just taking off over in LA and it was great to catch up before she heads back.... Featuring Jean Claude Van Damme, Mike Tyson and Charlie Sheen.
Actress Leslie Bega:
Leslie has an incredible story being a part of two iconic shows... Beverly Hills 90210 and The Sopranos.... Combining an acting career with a very successful Real Estate business.... She's a powerhouse... Super cool and it was fun to chat with her.
Kangaroo Kid Matt Coulter:
I take my hat off to Matt Coulter.... The Kangaroo Kid... What an awesome journey risking life and limb entertaining people around the world.... What he does on a quad bike defies belief.... 99.9% of the time he lands safely.... A handful of times... Well... Watch this interview to see :)
Chinese Star Bai Ling:
Bai Ling is living such an incredible life.... From the army in China to becoming a Hollywood Film star... Working with the biggest names in the Biz and creating so many memorable roles... She's such a talent and one of the most fun people you can ever spend time with... Her story is like a movie haha... Hope you enjoy the interview and a front row seat to hang out with superstar Bai Ling :)
Indian Actress Kristna Saikia:
Very cool to feature Producer, Spiritual Healer and Tantric Goddess Kristna Saikia on the show this season.... She's a lady of many talents as you'll see :)
Illusionist Duncan Evans:
Awesome to feature Duncan this series.... His talents are world class and I know for sure you're going to enjoy the Episode of the show. Hollywood will come calling for him big time :)
Music Legend Steve Balbi:
What can I say about Steve's story?.... Just amazing... Hope you enjoy this interview and career highlights from one of the nicest guys around.... The super talented and inspiring rock star Steve Balbi.
Author Diane Demetre:
Great to feature Author Diane Demetre on the show this season... Her "Me too" story in Australia changed the laws.... Her advice on "Inspiration" and "Fear" is awesome... Hope you enjoy the chat :)
Trans Actress Daniielle Alexis:
Daniielle's story is amazing.... Growing up a little boy in Perth with dreams of becoming not only a woman.... But a successful actress. She's achieved both... Epic story and super fun having her on the show this season.
Film Producer Cindy Cowan:
Film and TV Producer Cindy Cowan is a creative powerhouse.... She's also one of the nicest people in the business... Great to feature her on the show this season.
Anti Ice Campaigner Andrea Simmons:
ndrea Simmons and her story could save lives.... The Ice epidemic that's gripping our youth is a global tragedy... Lives are being destroyed and lost... Very cool to have her on The Platform for a chat about her past and her future now in helping others.
Actor Shaun Anthony Robinson:
Great fun to have Shaun on the show this season.... Coming late to acting but passionate enough to film a documentary about the pitfalls and struggles Aussie actors go through.... Especially chasing the big dream over in LA.
Author Sebastian Terry:
What's on your list????.. Powerful question when contemplating life and dreams.... This is going to be an awesome EP for the new season... Sebastian Terry and his journey to completing the 100 things that make up his list.. Helping others being key. Hope you enjoy.
Singer Nicole Nighthawk:
Nicole's story leading up to her first solo single is pretty epic.... Is there a hotter rockstar lesbian??? haha. She's very cool.... Very talented and it was fun having her on the show.